Road Trip | Bungonia to the Budawangs NSW

Guess who's back from another killer weekend away? Bingo - it's yours truly! Finally had the chance to attempt Bungonia Slot Canyon again. That is, after the epic fail last year, when I ended up walking all the way to Shoalhaven River...

bungonia national park lookdown rd
bungonia slot canyon nsw

Plenty of foggy roads to kick off the morning, followed by the grandeur of the canyon... 

Even managed to catch a glimpse of some sunrise colours! 

yadboro road nsw
morton national park nsw

After 6 hours of slot-canyon-fun, I headed off for the Budawangs!

Ta-da! Such stellar views from the summit of Pigeon House Mountain! Looking across the valley just makes me want to attempt The Castle, but that's an adventure for another day...