Road Trip | Sunflower Fields in Quirindi NSW

Frolicking amidst the sunflowers has been on my NSW travel bucket list for quite some time so of course I had to make the trip before the 2017 season ended. The sunflower fields were located in Blackville NSW (near Quirindi) so it was definitely quite the adventure getting there. After 7 hours in the car (a few of which were spent trying to dodge all the Kangaroos), we finally made it! 


The views were simply stunning! There were plenty of other crops (I believe it was sorghum) that we passed on the way. The roads seemed to stretch on endlessly and we definitely enjoyed cruising along at our leisure. 

liverpool plains
sorghum fields nsw

Everything looks so quintisentially Australian... 

If only the roads were this empty back in Sydney... I'll keep dreaming...

liverpool plains blackville nsw

We visited towards the end of sunflower season so most of the plants were beginning to droop, however, we did find some newly blooming flowers! 

sunflower fields liverpool plains nsw

Some of the sunflowers were even bigger than our faces! 

sunflowers nsw

If you've been thinking about visiting the sunflower fields, I highly recommend going. Unfortunately the season finished a couple of weeks ago so you'll have to wait till Jan 2018 - it's well worth it though! Pro tip: get in touch with Liverpool Plains Visitor Information Centre if you're planning a trip to see the flowers, they're super helpful with timing and directions.