Behind the Scenes | Teva x WAE Photoshoot

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to be involved with an overnight shoot for Teva Australia (huge shout-out to Henry for making this possible)! It was such an amazing time spent with other avid adventurers and creatives. We had planned on camping by the beach in Royal National Park, however, we had a last minute change of plans due to the rain (c'mon Sydney, when's the sunshine coming...) All jokes aside, the airbnb we stayed at was lovely, I'll definitely be back to visit soon! 

robertson property nsw

Aren't these alpacas the cutest beings you've ever seen? 

Looking for a great driving road? There's plenty of choice near Robertson (seriously, you have to check out the region sometime). Lovely, winding, mountain roads... I could definitely get used to this as a daily commute. Be sure to squeeze in a lap of Jamberoo Mountain Road while you're at it. 

golden hour driving southern highlands
driving southern highlands nsw

We found this adorable dog roaming around the property on our first afternoon of shooting. Doesn't he look so majestic? 

side profile farm dog

Even the rain wouldn't dampen our spirits! In fact, the rolling fog created the perfect moody backdrop for our photographs. 

train tracks robertson teva
subaru outback off road southern highlands nsw
behind the scenes teva photoshoot lyndon

Hey Anthony, trying to hitch a ride on the train? 

Thanks again to Henry, Lil and Hannah for making this trip possible. Super keen to get back out there very soon...