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Weekend Escapes | Bungonia NSW

... and I'm back! Spent the weekend in Bungonia NSW, an easy detour off the highway from Goulburn. I had such an amazing time exploring the area and will definitely be back soon...

bungonia national park nsw


car camping bungonia national park nsw
morning light bungonia slot canyon

might've missed the sunrise alarm but that didn't stop me from enjoying golden hour...

another stellar view...

bungonia state conservation area nsw
bungonia slot canyon

looking into bungonia slot canyon.

rock hopped all the way down bungonia creek...

shoalhaven riverbank
shoalhaven river junction of bungonia creek

time for a rest. 

Finally made it to Shoalhaven River! This looked like such a fantastic swim spot but unfortunately I left my cozzies in the car (and didn't feel like a 2hr trek back to my car in wet clothes, what a surprise aha). Not to worry, I left for the coast later that afternoon...

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