Winter Weekends | Deep Pass NSW Part 2

It's time to fill you all in on the rest of our weekend camping adventure to Deep Pass, Newnes State Forest NSW. If you haven't read part 1 yet, catch up on the story so far right here. So, at this point in the story Saturday afternoon had rolled around. After setting up camp and filling up on some food and drink, a few of us headed off for a hike. 

We spotted a bowerbird nest on our way to the waterfalls. 

The water was so light and refreshing - icy cold though! We'll definitely be back in the warmer months for a dip... as long as we don't run into any wobbegongs or other creatures lurking in the water. You never know what's in there... 

Afternoon sunlight filtering through the ferns.

We climbed up this massive rock in the middle of the night to get this shot but it was oh so worth it. This was my first attempt at astrophotography away from the city and oh boy does it make a difference! It's incredible how much you can see once you've escaped the light pollution of the CBD.

By the time Sunday rolled around, the end of our weekend escape was drawing to a close. We drove over to see if Lazarus (the dead car) would turn on, but no such luck. Our only option was to drive out to get cell reception and get help. Sure enough, help arrived three hours later (thank you Kyle's dad, what an absolute legend) and the poor car was towed back to Sydney. The rest of us crammed into the other car and made our way safely back to civilisation. That, my friends, is the end of our hectic weekend adventures. Get keen for some cinematic goodness coming your way very soon...