Winter Weekends | Deep Pass NSW Part 1

I can't believe the last weekend of Winter is over already, seems like this 'Winter Weekends' series started only a couple of weeks ago. Well, it was definitely an eventful weekend if there ever was one. Seven people, two cars, three days and two nights. Off we went for a weekend camping trip to Deep Pass in Newnes State Forest NSW, Australia. 

After crawling through the Friday afternoon traffic on the M2, we finally arrived at our campsite... two hours after sunset. The last time we had spoken to our friends in the other car was back in Richmond and they were nowhere to be found. No such thing as cell reception in the forest either. After driving down countless trails for hours and hours with no success, we decided it would be safer if we tried to find them in the morning.  

We packed up all our stuff in the morning and set off looking for the others. At this point, things weren't looking so great. Everyone was worried sick and it looked like the end of the camping trip was looming ahead... then we found them walking down the track whilst we were driving up. Good news, everyone was alive. Bad news, their car was bogged. We tried to tow it out with our SUV but no such luck. It got stuck in the muck as well so we all hopped in and tried to rescue it. Nothing says group bonding like pushing a 1.5 tonne car out of a swamp... 

The car that was initially bogged wasn't so lucky. We managed to get some kind 4WD owners to tow it out for us and turns out, there were tracks in the swamp, we just couldn't see them. It managed to turn on and we drove it back out to an open area and began to scoop out all the water. If only we'd have known how much of a mistake it was to turn the car off. Once we were done cleaning it out, we tried to start it up but no such luck. RIP car </3 

Well, after all that had happened, the next day and a half turned out really great. We decided to abort original plans of trekking to the campsite and set up in the so called "car-park" instead. Cue good food, great company and a toasty warm fire. 


Stay tuned for hikes, waterfalls and stargazing adventures...