Road Trip | Putty Beach NSW

With the Australian summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning (or going on!) those long awaited road trips up the coast. This time around we decided it would be a nice change to book a campsite with actual facilities and after some quick research, Putty Beach Campground seemed like the natural choice. 

putty beach bouddi national park sunset kilcare

Following our tragic disaster last trip, we planned to arrive in plenty of time for sundown. As usual, our plans were slightly disrupted we left late and got stuck in some awful traffic on the way up. In our defence, we did spend a solid hour trying to pack four people's gear and food into the boot of my friend's tiny VW Polo. I'm still amazed everything fit (even without having to sacrifice any rear view vision)! Well, when we arrived, the first thing we all wanted was food... and so in our ravenous state we happily scoffed down watermelon 1 of 3. 

watermelon slice outdoors camping food fruit

Delicious. After finishing off our 10kg watermelon and setting up our tent, we headed over to the beach just in time to catch the last of this stellar sunset. 

sunset silhouette putty beach kilcare bouddi national park

The next morning, we set an alarm for sunrise thinking that the time for sunrise was 5:50am when in fact that was the end of sunrise. (Pro tip: get up about an hour earlier than the 'sunrise time' on Google). We ended up a little late to the game, but the light was still lovely in the early morning. 

putty beach bouddi national park sunrise

Not quite sure what this is, but perhaps it's a part from a sea creature's vertebrae? 

sea creature vertebrae shell beach

There were jelly blobbers lying around too of course (don't worry, this one was left on the sand and we picked it up to put it back in the water). 

hand holding jelly blobber putty beach central coast nsw

On our second day here, we went on a long walk along the 'Bouddi Coastal Walk' path. The trail is very well maintained with stunning ocean views practically the whole way. We didn't do the entire walk and decided to head to Maitland Bay before relaxing there then turning back around. 

Stay tuned for a short video coming your way very soon...